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Smart Cities Week San Diego Session Feature: Transportation Evolved


Meet our 2019 Smart Cities Readiness Challenge finalists

Our 2019 North American Smart Cities Readiness Challenge was our biggest yet. More than 100 cities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico participated and three dozen delivered very strong applications detailing numerous smart cities projects they planned for their communities. The process of judging was very difficult, but we’ve narrowed the entries to 10 finalists, which are listed below.


Discover the smart airport that’s teaching lessons to smart cities (and see it in action)

Need some inspiration for your smart cities initiatives? Consider stealing ideas from the San Diego airport, which has made great strides in sustainability and smart parking. Learn how — and how to see it in action through a special site tour at Smart Cities Week San Diego.


How Chula Vista is using a regional approach to deliver big results

It’s no secret that we’re stronger together. In fact, in this year’s Smart Cities Readiness Challenge we found a strong number of cities partnered with their neighbors to magnify their impact.

But Chula Vista, the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, embodies this vision. Even the city’s own website is designed for a regional impact.

Learn about some of the city’s key collaborative efforts below. Better yet, join us at Smart Cities Week San Diego April 15-17 where mobile workshops and other sessions will allow you to see the results of its efforts for yourself. Check out the Smart Cities Week program and then register.



Each episode of the Smart Cities Week Podcast features smart city experts talking about the latest trends and what to expect at this year’s Smart Cities Weeks.

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The digital transformation of university campuses into small smart cities

Hear from Chris Richardson, Deputy CIO, Arizona State University on how university campuses are transforming into small smart cities.
My role as Deputy CIO is to make data transparent, to bridge the gap between serving our students, our staff, faculty, our alumni and the stakeholders that come to our campus at any time. We are trying to find solutions that make our digital and physical environments merge in ways that were impossible in previous eras.” Chris Richardson, Deputy CIO, Arizona State University.

Maximizing city technology and data to better serve and engage citizens

The Mayor of the City of Chula Vista, Mary Salas joined us on the Smart Cities Week Podcast ahead of her appearance in the Opening Plenary: Mayors Roundtable at Smart Cities Week San Diego next April 15-17.
The vision and strategy we’ve adopted in 2017 is a Smart Cities Strategic action plan. It is a formalization of steps that we have taken progressively to make sure that the future of Chula Vista maximizes technology and data to better serve and engage citizens. We also want to enhance sustainability to improve our public safety and to promote local economic development.Mary Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista

The outstanding infrastructure and technology transformation of a city!

“Focus on Smart Cities, we’ve been able to attract over a hundred Million dollars on investment with the building of our first hotel. It generates a hotel tax allowing us to put our money back in the community. We also have started an ambition program on infrastructure development like safer streets(…)” Mayor Dedina, Mayor, Imperial Beach, CA

The City of San Diego: A place of Innovation and Creativity

You will hear from Erik Caldwell, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego on how this city has a unique innovation ecosystem and more start-ups than Silicon Valley.
Why we are so excited to have Smart Cities Week coming to San Diego? You will be able to see a lot of the advanced technologies that we often hear about and are in place here in San Diego,” says Eric Caldwell.