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Each episode of the Smart Cities Week Podcast features smart city experts talking about the latest trends and what to expect at this year’s Smart Cities Weeks.

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The outstanding infrastructure and technology transformation of a city!

“Focus on Smart Cities, we’ve been able to attract over a hundred Million dollars on investment with the building of our first hotel. It generates a hotel tax allowing us to put our money back in the community. We also have started an ambition program on infrastructure development like safer streets(…)” Mayor Dedina, Mayor, Imperial Beach, CA

The City of San Diego: A place of Innovation and Creativity

You will hear from Erik Caldwell, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego on how this city has a unique innovation ecosystem and more start-ups than Silicon Valley.
Why we are so excited to have Smart Cities Week coming to San Diego? You will be able to see a lot of the advanced technologies that we often hear about and are in place here in San Diego,” says Eric Caldwell.