Bret Beringer

Chief Engineering Officer, FYBR

Receiving his Bachelor of Science and Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Bret has built a twenty-year career around bringing products from concept to production. Over that time, he has worked with numerous companies to improve the product development lifecycle for both consumer and industrial products. His design process combines hardware design, firmware design, and supply chain and manufacturing process with a single-minded goal of developing successful product deployments.  At Fybr, Bret serves as Chief Engineering Officer – helping to develop a secure, reliable end-to-end IoT platform designed to meet the needs of today’s evolving cities.

Wednesday, April 17
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • City Resilience: Preparing for and Responding to Extreme Weather Eventspressure cooker
Wildfires, extreme drought, flooding and other extreme weather events are now the norm. Sit in on this provoking debate among diverse stakeholders from cities, regional agencies, telecommunications providers and others as they debate a series of related issues.