Brian Elliott

Policy Advisor, Councilmember Chris Ward, City of San Diego

Brian Elliott serves as a Policy Advisor for City of San Diego Councilmember Chris Ward (District 3). In this role, Mr. Elliott’s areas of focus include energy & sustainability, homelessness, and the residential and economic development of Downtown San Diego.

As part of the passage of Councilmember Ward’s Styrofoam ban in the City of San Diego, Mr. Elliott worked closely with stakeholders to develop a policy that both improved the environmental quality of San Diego while meeting the needs of small business. It is this type of collaborative process that Mr. Elliott believes is essential for improvements in regional transportation infrastructure, climate change mitigation, and significant investments in reducing homelessness.

Mr. Elliott has previously worked for U.S. Representative Scott Peters (CA-52) where he covered energy, environmental, homelessness, defense, and transportation matters in the district. Mr. Elliott has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Portland and a Masters degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Sheila Rao, are residents of Downtown San Diego and look for every possible opportunity to run trails.

Wednesday, April 17
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • The Curbside Asset: Reallocation to support micromobility, shared services and smart parkinglab
In this in-depth session, experts from local and regional government, micromobility providers and parking industry officials will present findings from several years of scooter, bike share and smart parking programs. Practitioners will also share plans and anticipated challenges for the future.