Dominic Papa

Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Digital Progress

Dominic Papa is a Public Entrepreneur. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Digital Progress (iDP), a not-for-profit organization designed to transform Arizona into a global hub of Smart City/IoT technology driven by collaborative civic innovation. In 2018, Dominic helped found the ASU Center for Smart Cities and Regions at Arizona State University. The mission of the Center is to advance urban and regional innovation to make more inclusive, vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities. iDP and the Center collaborate with researchers, policy-makers, planners, entrepreneurs, industry and the public to enhance the ability of cities and regions to responsibly use emerging technological infrastructures and improve quality of life.

iDP’s Smart & Connected AZ Council provides cities and towns with an “Innovation as a Service”(IaaS) model, a platform that allows local governments and the private sector to collaboratively design and develop new innovative technology pilots that advance solutions to public challenges, have a measurable impact, and the potential to scale. This multi-party innovation process generates customized technology solutions to solve specific city issues and real citizens’ needs.

Dominic founded iDP after working for two years with the city of Phoenix. Prior to the city of Phoenix, he worked for the Alliance for Innovation and ASU’s Center for Urban Innovation, where he worked hand in hand with city managers from across the county, helping them to challenge and transform their organizations in the midst of severe fiscal constraints.

Dominic has a B.A. in Political Science and Italian, a M.A. in Public Administration, and is currently a J.D. candidate at Arizona State University.

Tuesday, April 16
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm • Finding the Dollars and Making Sense: Financing and Funding Strategies for Smart City Infrastructurestage
Paying for the digital and traditional infrastructure that forms the backbone of the smart city depends on a range of approaches including municipal financing, infrastructure as a service, green bonds, P3s and other funding innovations. Learn about how cities are combining a variety of funding approaches to build their smart city programs.
Wednesday, April 17
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • City Readiness Hub: US/Mexico Consortiumcity readiness hub
Our City Readiness Hub sessions offer a unique opportunity to hear from cities who are “in the trenches” on their journey to becoming a smart city. Featured Cities will highlight current challenges and will then receive targeted advice from Mentor Cities—other smart city practitioners who are further along the path to creating more livable, workable, and sustainable cities. Mentors have been carefully selected from those cities already designated as “Readiness Challenge winners and finalists” and paired with Featured Cities who are facing similar issues.