Jake H. Wise

Smart Cities Program Manager, Portland General Electric

Jake H. Wise has more than ten years of public and private sector experience in the energy utility industry. Prior to joining PGE, Mr. Wise served first as the Cost Effectiveness Program Manager and later led a team of application developers as the Data Solutions Program Manager in the Energy Services Division Analytics Group at the Cadmus Group. ┬áBefore joining Cadmus, Mr. Wise was senior consultant to Cisco Systems in the Connected Energy Networks division of the Advanced Services, Enterprise Strategy Group, where he managed teams and timelines in developing, marketing and implementing the Gridonomics smart grid technology sequenced deployment consulting offering. Prior to that Mr. Wise was a public utility regulatory analyst in the Demand-Side Management Branch of the Energy Division at the California Public Utilities Commission, where he managed utility rate design applications, led proceedings in pursuit of renegotiation of outstanding State of California energy crisis power contracts and authored the Alternative-Fueled Vehicle Rulemaking (R.) 09-08-009 white paper: “Facilitating Plug-in Electric Vehicle Integration: Revenue Allocation & Rate Design.”

Tuesday, April 16
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • The Smart and Resilient Power Grid – Powering Your Smart Citystage
In this facilitated discussion, smart city and utility experts will discuss the huge changes facing our electricity grid such as exponential growth in connected devices, intermittent renewable energy and risks like cyber threats and extreme weather events. Learn how utilities are dealing with these evolving challenges to ensure the continuity, security and resilience of our electrical grid.