Rahul Gupta

Managing Director and US Smart Infrastructure Leader, Deloitte Advisory

Rahul Gupta is a Managing Director and US Smart Infrastructure Leader at Deloitte Advisory. He has over 30 years of combined federal government (legislative and executive branches as well as independent commissions) and private sector experience leading major initiatives in mobility, smart cities, infrastructure, ICT, and innovation. He previously served as Smart Mobility Advisor to the European Union, and has published numerous studies and given speeches on the topic of urbanization, smart cities, resilience, and sustainability. Rahul is an adjunct faculty at Georgetown University’s graduate program and is engaged in STE(A)M activities.

Tuesday, April 16
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm • Afternoon Plenary: Readiness Challenge Awards Ceremony
Keynote address: Building An Adaptable City: A Perspective on Smart Infrastructure and Smart Mobility,
  • Rahul Gupta, Managing Director and US Smart Infrastructure Leader, Deloitte Advisory
  • Anant Dinamani, Principal, US Mobility Solutions, Deloitte
Readiness Challenge Awards Ceremony
The largest Readiness Challenge in the Smart Cities Council’s history has built up to this: the 2019 Smart Cities Readiness Challenge awards ceremony — and you’re invited. Join us as we highlight 10 of the most inspiring smart communities in North America and reveal our five winning entities for the very first time.