Stephanie Atkinson

Founder and CEO of Compass Intelligence

Stephanie Atkinson, founder and CEO of Compass Intelligence, leads the organizational direction of the company, including strategic initiatives, client engagements activities, financial planning, and consulting services with vendors and companies across the globe. Her research and advisory services are specialized around telecommunications/mobile, information technology, network infrastructure, emerging technology, IoT and other high tech topics. Ms. Atkinson has worked in the telecommunications and high-tech market research and consulting industry for more than two decades.

Tuesday, April 16
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Practical Progress to Propel Smart Cities (P3s): Partnership Lessons from the Front Linesstage
Given tight municipal budgets and political concerns about large investments in new technologies, public private partnerships provide a novel solution. P3s allow cities to access the technologies needed to build a smart city foundation while partnering with a private sector or nonprofit partner to assume the financial risks. Learn from financial officials and public sector leaders who have successfully built P3s and who share their pitfalls and strategies for success.