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Cities Helping Cities

As part of our mission to enable the transformation of smart cities, we are hosting a dynamic series at Smart Cities Week: The City Readiness Hub. We piloted this program in 2018 to rave reviews—and are thrilled to be showcasing more cities this year.

Our City Readiness Hub sessions offer a unique opportunity to hear from cities who are “in the trenches” on their journey to becoming a smart city.

How Does It Work?

  • Each City Readiness Hub will highlight a “Featured City” who is actively on the path to becoming a smart city but is in the earlier stages of the process.
  • Through an unscripted dialogue, these cities will be guided by “Mentor Cities” who are further along on their smart cities journey. This is a rare opportunity to listen in on a powerful exchange of information between city officials!
  • A moderated audience Q&A will allow attendees to gain additional insights from both Featured Cities as well as Mentor Cities. Bring your questions!

The City Readiness Hub promises to be some of the most compelling and game-changing content at Smart Cities Week: San Diego. You don’t want to miss it.

Check the Agenda for session times and details!

Interested in participating? We are still in the process of connecting with Featured Cities as well as Mentor Cities! Contact Heather Martin: for additional information.

Hear what participants from Smart Cities Week 2018 had to say!

Meredith Gruber from Cary, NC; Melanie Morgan from Centennial, CO; and Dennis Gakunga from Chula Vista, CA, describe their experiences and the value they are taking home.

West Sacramento, CA, has been populated since the Gold Rush, though it’s only been a city for barely 20 years. Its elected officials are pushing to make use of smart cities principles to better serve the community, and mentor city Chula Vista provided some helpful advice to build its plan.

San Miguel de Allende, a nearly 500-year-old Mexican city, is trying to determine how to use smart cities technologies to keep up with rapidly expanding tourism without destroying its rich history. At Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley, it got some helpful advice from Las Vegas